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Editorial 5

En route to international expansion....

All ODNS associations are now en route to international expansion!

Their Chairpersons and certain founding members as well as the leadership of the FISC (Company of Mary International Solidarity Foundation) gathered together on 7 and 8 December 2013 in Lyon, France, to reflect on this undertaking.

Acting in solidarity challenges our status quo and forces us to gather all our strength in order to fulfil the expectations of the many groups who are calling for our help! Our convictions were expressed strongly: we must assume responsibility for our projects within a dynamic of sustainable development! That is why educating others about solidarity is so essential!

The discussions between the FISC and the various ODNS associations were very productive: the primary goal is to try to provide better support for the projects that have been submitted and to find other sources of funding that are more appropriate for certain projects or a portion of these projects, including micro-loans or reinforced partnerships.

We also noted that the current crisis is having a strong impact on the funding for different projects. The search for donors is a true adventure, and public subsidies are being reduced at a dizzying pace. Therefore, we must look for more donors, and loyal donors, in order to allow those working in areas of great suffering to meet the fundamental needs of the populations they support.


As we travel down the road of international expansion, we believe that Mary is beside us. She is the leading pilgrim, who "is the woman of prayer and work in Nazareth, and she is also Our Lady of Help, who sets out from her town with haste to be of service to others", as Pope Francis explains in his apostolic exhortation "Evangelii Gaudium". May this certitude be our strength and our joy!

Rita Calvo, chairwoman of the FISC; Imanol Zubiondo, Director of the FISC; Catalina Lopez-Correa, Chairwoman of ODNS Canada and Cristina Sanz, member of the FISC’s Board of Trustees in the courtyard of the Hôtel Dieu in Lyon, France, during the Festival of Lights.