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Editorial 10

January: new diaries... Perhaps we have written, at the end of our own diary, this year's challenges: worries, projects, a future full of hopes and peace that our hearts yearn for.

When, at the end of the year, those last pages appear in the diary, we can check the wishes that have come true, surprise!

Reality sometimes exceeds the hopes or the fears.

And some challenges will have lost importance.

Why such a rush in going ahead with this or that project ?



Then we will understand that

the beginning of a year does not necessarily mean initiating a new project. 



It means living the days that lie ahead with an objective, but not without losing the freshness of our resolutions, seeking the means to achieve them.


This is what the month of January teaches us: everything that is still to be done, but not immediately, will take time

With very routine days in which everyday matters will have to be to be resolved, with the door of life open, with the door of our hearts open...