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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

How you can support us: by praying

"I believe in God"

“It is important to open up both ears, one for listening to the people, the other for hearing the Gospel,” said His Grace Angelelli, an Argentinean bishop who was tragically killed during the country’s military dictatorship.

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The long-awaited visitor

Three light knocks at the door. A fleeting moment of suspense while deciding whether to open the door…

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God spoke to my heart in these terms: Be careful, my daughter, to never let the fire I lit in your heart go out...the fire that now carries you so fervently into my service (HO p. 53).

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Here are two sites that can help you pray

We wish to encounter He who gives us Life: two remarkable sites can help:

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