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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

"I believe in God"

“It is important to open up both ears, one for listening to the people, the other for hearing the Gospel,” said His Grace Angelelli, an Argentinean bishop who was tragically killed during the country’s military dictatorship.

Alleviate poverty

We want to alleviate poverty, and prayer is one of the most efficient aids: it underlies our action and gives it a universal dimension.

"I believe in God" by Minister Michel Wagner.

I believe in God
The Lord who is, who was and who is to come.
I believe that our story has been lived, lifted, brought alive
By the living Lord.
In his Word, happy and new, He is waiting for me,
In the symbols of the bread and wine, He is waiting for me,
In the deeds of the prisoner and the rejected person,
He is waiting for me …He speaks to me, the mysterious visitor,
Whose breath of life stings my face,
With my brothers, I know that He is living with us today.

I believe alongside all the men of yesteryear
Who left their traces in history.
People freed from constraint and scolded by the prophets
People singing psalms and wise with proverbs,
With the Palestinian crowds
And the apostles, witnesses to His human voice
I enter this large procession following the Nazarene
Paul of Tarsus, Francis of Assisi, Luther, John XXIII
Martin Luther King and all of the others
Who did not believe in vain.

I believe in the murmurings of the world,
Hear the knocks at the door
Detect the silent footsteps of He who comes:
This is why, at the bedside of the ill and in pain…I pray
With all the oppressed and tortured...I cry,
With all the impassioned...I seek and with the fighters, I fight
Because He is coming! He
Who breaks with all resignations
And encourages responsibilities
And whose project makes all other projects fade into nothingness:
I am awaiting the Living Christ, whose resurrection brings
I believe in the Lord of today, yesterday and tomorrow.