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Home So that the children and young people, in the Bedou region, in Haiti, go to the school ...
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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

So that the children and young people, in the Bedou region, in Haiti, go to the school ...

We help children and young people to take the route to school, in particular children in the Bedou, region of Haiti, to the school Escuela Ignacio de Loyola.

So that the children and young people in the Bedou, region in Haiti, go to the school .

...Escuela Ignacio de Loyola, part of the “Fe y Alegria” network which is the new mission of the Company of Mary our Lady.


- So that the children attend class every day.
- So that they have books, at least 1 between 3.
- So they can eat, on school days, rice and wheat with some other ingredient (pasta for feast days) which for many of them is the only meal of the day.



The parents need to be asked, as part of the school expenses which include minimum maintenance of the buildings, to contribute to the solar energy. 

Which per student means...

- In Infant education:                  €84
- In basic primary education        €98
- ''    ''        middle school:         €112
- For high school:                      €140
- For special recoup classes:        €28

This means having to obtain €51,660 each year.


- The parents are asked to pay the education expenses. Total assistentialism is not a good solution. And the children often contribute 50 cents (the legal tender is Gourde) in order not to be expelled!!!

Haiti is one of the poorest country in our planet and the memory of slavery is still very predominant!  We still hear “Who will help us?  The blacks sold us and the whites bought us!”  And the history of their flag is very significant.

Not to mention the need to confront hurricanes quite often!

It is urgent to do something for these families, who form part of the great family of students of the International Educational Network of the company of Our Lady Mary.

This year we have opened the middle school class with 40 young people.

In this new course we are going to start with the creation of a class of rhetoric, and next year with Philosophy:

... despite the fact that construction work has still not finished....



The primary schools in the Network are going to participate in a solidarity cross-country race, as a contribution to the challenge they are facing.  Are the middle- and high school students going to react to this testimony of Agnes, who has spent a month of her holidays in Bedou, and to other appeals?

And the parents?  Will they help us to go ahead and finish the construction of the centre?


The photo of the kitchen shows the precipice that divides us.




We should do something for them; children, young people and parents  of the Educational Network of the Company of Our Lady Mary ..providing more resources for their future!