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Organisation for Development
using New Solidarities
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Who are we?

The Organization for Development using New Solidarities in Canada (ODNS Canada) has for objective the prevention and the education of the underprivileged people to improve their health.

ODNS Canada was legally created in Canada in November, 2012, registered as a non-profit association ( OBNL) with the province of Quebec and the federal government.

In July, 2013 ODNS obtained the status of body of charity granted by the federal government and in September, 2013 the same status was granted by the provincial government of Quebec.

As body of charity, ODNS Canada thus can emmettre receipts of taxes.


ODNs has 2 main objectives:

  1. Raise awareness of injustice and poverty
  2. Promote  Development

ODNS Canada Field of action: Health

ODNs Canada in particular has a mandate focused on prevention and education to improve the health of people in poor countries.


The members of  ODNS Canada are :

Catalina López Correa, Chairwoman and  founder

Doctor  with a PhD in human genetics at present works as vice-president scientific affairs on Genome Quebec. She has several years of working experience in medicine as well as in missions and elimination of illiteracy in Colombia.

María Adelaida Escobar Trujillo,  Secretary and Administrative

With studies in English and Hispanic literature she has a doctorate in Hispanic studies of the university McGill and she has more than 15 years old of experience as a professor of Spanish and literature.

Marie-Chantal Duvault, Administratrive

Founder ODNs and her antennas, ACIRF and ODNs Canada, her serves as connection between the various organizations worldwide.