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Organisation for Development
using New Solidarities
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Who are we?

The Organization for Development using New Solidarities in Canada (ODNS Canada) has for objective the prevention and the education of the underprivileged people to improve their health.

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Medal ceremony for the President of ODNs Canada

Copy of the letter sent by The Honourable Rosa Galvez, senator of Quebec to Catalina Lopez Correa, President of ODNs Canada

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Project 3 - Maternity and paternity officials in adolescents and young neighborhood Nueva Vida

Nicaragua is the Latin American country with the highest percentage of women under 18 who are mothers...Project Cost: 12,600.00 CAD ---Dates: 1 Oct 2015 -15 Jul 2016.

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Project 2 - Materials and equipment for the clinic at the neighborhood Nueva Vida

The health and living conditions at Nueva Vida are precarious for several reasons:...Project Cost: 17,776.00 US$ ---Dates: 1 Jun 2015 – 1 Jun 2016.

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Project 1 - Nueva Vida Without Parasites: Health and prevention for children at Nueva Vida, Nicaragua

According to the World Health Organization, in a report published in April 2013, diarrhea is the second cause of death in children under five years .....Project Cost: 19,888.00 US$ ----Dates: 1 Nov 2014 -15 Oct 2015 .

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