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Work groups in Paraguay

In the Las Misiones region of Paraguay, parents have formed work groups to provide for their children by cleaning up a huge waste disposal site in order to create gardens. The aim of this project is to provide tools, seeds and greenhouses for these gardens.

In Paraguay

In the Las Misiones region of Paraguay(the site of Jesuit missions in the 17th century), the Guarani people are extremely poor but remain very creative and brave. (For more information see the film “Mission” by Roland Joffé.)


Work groups to fight poverty


The adults in Santa Maria de FeFe have formed work groups to address the area’s extremely severe poverty. They began working in solidarity by sharing productive plots of farm land (which are currently recovered from public waste disposal sites), tools and more. They work together and share produce in proportion to each family’s number of children.

In order to continue to provide for their families, the gardens must be improved by :

  • Purchasing tools and seeds
  • Building greenhouses

Cost of the project

Cost : €14,000


Download our brochure for more details