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Home Actions and projects Projects The street children aged between 5 and 14 in Ciudad Sandino, near Managua, capital of Nicaragua

The street children aged between 5 and 14 in Ciudad Sandino, near Managua, capital of Nicaragua

are welcomed in the centre OTLIYOLOC for activities of learning, socialisation and leisure activities with the help of a group of young people from the San Francisco Javier centre (in Fe y Alegría

The centre aims to be a place of welcome for street children so they can develop their intellectual, affective and social  capabilities.

It promotes their schooling and tries to prevent drop-outs as the children have been left to their own devices by their amilies in a district where violence predominates. There are 42 children, 22 of whom are girls.

At the present time 74% of households in Ciudad Sandino live in extreme poverty: less than 2 dollars a day.  The main cause is the absence of a government that develops the local economy. 

There is little work and people go to Managua to hawk, sell tortillas, drive three-wheelers, separate and select waste in dump-sites, etc.  A high percentage of the minors even work in hazardous activities.


It is calculated that a family of 6 needs 2.5 dollars per person a day.  But the minimum salary is 0.85 dollars. The world bank estimates that 3 salaries are needed to be able to cover the basic needs of one family.  The majority of the population live in extreme chronic poverty.

The OTLIYOLOC centre is led by a coordinating team and a group of 10 young people aged between 16 and 18, students from the San Francisco Javier centre, committed to helping in their free-time  knowing that Sandino offers no space to enjoy free time. 

These young people learn by teaching. They receive training to be attentive to each of the people in a group, to plan activities that will improve the basic educational knowledge of the minors and get to know the teaching techniques and strategies so that the children learn through play and develop their creativity, etc.


The group meets regularly to prepare, analyse, evaluate and programme new actions.  "We believe in our method, in educating through a process. We adapt to the needs of the minors".

The centre has set up a library and play centre, but there is no computer material.  Part of the help requested it to acquire a computer and a printer,

The children's party is prepared and celebrated , one of the most important festivities.  The young people participate in a cultural performance every year.