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Home Actions and projects Projects Redes is helping young people with social inclusion by means of work experience.

Redes is helping young people with social inclusion by means of work experience.

In Nicaragua in the town of Sandino, we are aiming to join forces to promote social inclusion through work placements at a municipal level, implicating local authorities and organisations. This is a great opportunity for the young people from Nueva Vida, this neighbourhood lacking all infrastructures, still inhabited by families evacuated from Managua in 1998 after hurricane Mitch!

It aims to boost Sandino's socio-economic progress with training and social inclusion processes by offering work placements in the town as a way of enabling job opportunities for young people with the Redes de Solidaridad Association and its technical school.

The expected result is:

Improving access to technical training, careers guidance for young people at great risk of social exclusion.

Each year of the project, 30 young people (60% of whom are young girls) will access specialised technical training and will find a job.


3 activities have been envisaged for this purpose:

1.New way of running the Technical Training School.

Since it began in 2005, the Technical School has become the only reference for Technical Training in the neighbourhood.

This, along with the fact that several teenagers and young people are living in at-risk situations and even in certain cases in conflict with authorities due to delinquency, the Technical School's experience is changing to support Nueva Vida's socio-economic development.



2.Programmes to develop a professional training work placements.


Each young person will do work experience linked to the speciality they studied.

Their Technical School tutor will carry out visits to monitor the young person and meet the people in charge of the host structure, to prepare their possible employment at the end of the placement.



3.Monitoring and assessing the training and the social inclusion path.



Teaching staff will help girls and boys to draw up covering letters, CVs or the steps that need to be taken to get a job.






Cost for professional insertion for a young person:  €1,335 for one year (10 months),

so €133.50 per month.



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