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Home Actions and projects Projects In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, "Paint Together".

In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, "Paint Together".

In Asunción in Paraguay, to arouse citizen awareness and improve cohabitation, painting and corporal expression workshops are open every week for neighbourhood children and teenagers. The techniques used particularly develop capabilities to live in a group, respecting each other, gaining confidence in themselves and in others...

In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, close to the Paraguay River, the population is affected by very high unemployment and all inhabitants are living there illegally. There is no school there, no health centre, no waste collection, no municipal organisation...


The Community of the Compagnie de Marie (Company of Mary)  in Asunción, capital of Paraguay, is working in the San Miguel neighbourhood.

The population is poor, highly affected by unemployment. The men are low-skilled builders and the women are often domestic employees. The sector's fridge factory provides a few jobs.

Almost all the inhabitants are living illegally in this neighbourhood. They created community gardens together that were destroyed by the river's frequent flooding. However, the experience formed strong bonds between the families and raised awareness on the need for human, civic, social training as well as all-round education.

In 2014, there was a terrible flood: the river was 9m wider than usual. Only 5% of the inhabitants could remain in their homes in this damp and devastated environment.

Everyone pulled together to find a dry place to sleep and help the children continue their school work.

However they became increasingly aware that the Paraguay State had turned its back on them!

The social, professional and citizen exclusion experienced by these families runs deep.

This marginality pushes then towards criminal alternatives, encourages drug addictions and increases violence and dehumanisation of relations. Inhabitants are increasingly passive, apathetic...


To awaken citizen awareness and improve cohabitation, a painting workshop - an hour and a half a week - is open for 120 children, between 3 and 10 years old (40 boys and 80 girls). Teenagers also have a 2 hour workshop every week. 25 kids have signed up for it.

The latest innovation consists of proposing a corporal expression workshop.




This costs €17,560 namely

€2 per hour per child,

.... to improve learning and cohabitation, gaining confidence in their skills. They make discoveries that make them want to learn.


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