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Home Actions and projects Projects In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, Paint Together".

In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, Paint Together".

In Asunción in Paraguay, to arouse citizen awareness and improve cohabitation, painting and corporal expression workshops are open every week for neighbourhood children and teenagers. The techniques used particularly develop capabilities to live in a group, respecting each other, gaining confidence in themselves and in others...

In the very poor neighbourhood of San Miguel, close to the Paraguay River, the population is affected by very high unemployment and all inhabitants are living there illegally. There is no school there, no health centre, no waste collection, no municipal organisation...


The workshops for children offer:

- cooperative games that encourage integration, participation, interactive reflection,
- artistic expression activities (drawing, painting, printing and collage techniques, creation using recyclable materials that are easy to find, etc.)
- occasions for self-assessment and mutual assessment on how the workshop is going,
- appreciation of the jobs carried out either individually or collectively, in an atmosphere of respect and solidarity.

The techniques develop participants' skills, particularly regarding how to live in a group, respecting each other, awareness of your body and its movements, self confidence and trusting others.... The children also acquire and assimilate ways of analysing the world around them.


Following different themes, an artistic and corporal expression workshop is also offered to teenagers and young people.

Even more emphasis is put on interactive reflection. We use historical texts, stories, passages from the Bible, cultural documents, films, plays, songs, poetry... We will make collective wall displays to express what is going on personally, in their family, environmentally, etc.

We will maintain the nature of the artistic expression to allow room for creativity and spontaneity and also to get in touch with these young people's emotions by exploring their inner resources.

Meetings with the families of the children and young people are relatively easy and allow us to detect needs and arouse interest to continue the project. The community therefore has accurate knowledge of what is going on in the neighbourhood.


The children take centre stage in the activities, with a very strong feeling of belonging to their group.

We've got great things planned: a 3 day excursion for the teenage and young person's group, reflecting on the situation of society in Paraguay, taking part in Mothers' Day, Children's Day or the Youth festival, involving all workshop participants, families and neighbours.




This costs €17,560 namely

€2 per hour per child,


.... to improve learning and cohabitation, gaining confidence in their skills. They make discoveries that make them want to learn. Furthermore, there is the collective dimension: training to make a team with someone who have not chosen to be with and daring to express yourself without worrying about the other person's reaction...


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