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Home Actions and projects Projects In 2015, in places where life is hard, people now have our solidarity.

In 2015, in places where life is hard, people now have our solidarity.

There are, at the present time, 3 projects up and running (see odn-solidarité The first in Paraguay, in Asuncion: expression workshops for children and young people to develop their learning capacity, who have shared their work with children in Saint-Jean School (ENC) in Paris. The second in Nicaragua: accompaniment for youth employment of the Secretariat Section of the Technical Network School. The third in Argentina, to continue supporting families in San Martin, with the aim of eradicating poverty in the north of the country, a region neglected by the State.

To get to know the 3 on-going projects in 2015 simply read any of ODNs leaflets or consult the website: odn-olidarité

One more year Africa is on the agenda and not only because of the need for help, but to make us reflect on other injustices:  see the 2015 Campaign by clicking on the button "What solidarity?" on the main web page.


What must be highlighted today…

is the initiative of the Saint-Jean School of joint efforts with the workshops in San Miguel, in a region afflicted by floods; Asuncion in Paraguay.


This is the account by the Headmaster of the school Vincent Cavalier:

Lent 2015 was the opportunity for students in the Parisian school of Saint-Jean to establish a first contact with the workshop in San Miguel, Asuncion (Paraguay), which works with disadvantaged children and I had the idea of putting them in contact with their French counterparts.

To overcome the language difficulties, it was decided initially to give priority to drawing. This made is possible for them to get to know their mutual tastes by exchanging symbols.


he initiative, which has been a great human success, has benefited greatly from the possibilities offered by digital media, allowing both parties to become enriched by the contributions and explanations sent via the network (photos, videos, electronic mail).


his way the children have been able to get to know and discover other realities. It is convenient to consider how to implement these human encounters so they are not restricted to specific dates in the liturgical calendar and therefore make it possible to promote new forms of solidarity.