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Home Actions and projects Projects Bolivia, in Cochabamba, Women in search of liberty:” Warmi Ñaupajman”.

Bolivia, in Cochabamba, Women in search of liberty:” Warmi Ñaupajman”.

In Vicente Caña Centre, the social foundation URAMANTA works with women whose self-esteem is very low and who do not participate in the management of the district. Their rights are not respected. They take no interest in their health or in that of their family. Their level of education is very low.

The population of Cochabamba is made up primarily of farmers and miners of the ethnic groups “Quechua” and “Aimara” who are looking for a better life.  Due to the lack of work, they were obliged to leave their home towns.  They usually settle in the south of the city and build small mud huts.  They lack basic services (light, water, transport, schools, health centres, etc.).

The men often find manual work, but badly paid.

The women work in the market or remain enclosed at home doing the household chores. The majority stay at home to look after the children and make lunch.  Thanks to this circumstance were are able to reach these women.  The Law on popular participation approved in 1995 introduced the OTB (initials in Spanish for Grassroots Territorial Organisation) as legal entities, thus permitting access to state grants.  But these organisations are made up primarily of men. 

The aim of the project is to sensitise and make women aware of their social situation, with the aim of reducing intrafamily violence, improving the development of children through schooling and promoting their social participation.


The project is carried out in the Vicente Cañas Centre and is aimed at 50 women and 150 children. 

If offers:

- workshops on corporal and artistic expression, drama, reading and writing, and a film forum.
- training courses on first aid, prevention of breast and cervical cancer, etc.
- training on leadership to take the floor in group discussions, assimilating Andean traditions

through agreements signed with the hospital, school centres, day centres, etc. 



Consequently, it is necessary to finance the remuneration of the project coordinator and the 30 workshops, a social worker to carry out the specific follow-up of the women users and the women in charge of instructing each workshop.

Needed: €9,000 knowing full well that the total cost is €26,236

2 young people from Grenoble paid a visit and since their return have been active in helping the Centre to carry out its projects. And what about us, what can we do?


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