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A school for 300 children in Nicaragua

In Ciudad Sandino, Nicaragua, in the poor district of Nueva Vida, a school for 300 children was built in 2000. The parents in this district cannot afford the annual tuition fees and the price of school meals. Grants need to be created to help them with these costs.

In Nicaragua

The town of Sandino, Nicaragua, is 12 km from Managua, the capital city. The economic situation in Nicaragua is very difficult. The district in which the school is located is considered to be extremely poor: 39% of the population is illiterate. The health situation is precarious and there is a lack of public education.


Providing the youngest children with access to education


Since 2004 the « Redes de Solidaridad » association has been working in the district in partnership with the Community of the Compagnie de Marie (Company of Mary) in Ciudad Sandino. A young couple from Lyon (Jean-Marie and Sophie) are volunteers working in support of the project, whose aim is to : make it easier for young children to go to school by covering :

  • the cost of education, supplies, school infrastructure and maintenance, etc. (€16 per child per month)
  • the costs of school meals: breakfast and lunch (€9 per child per month)

Redes de Solidaridad provides training for teachers, is helping to create a library and organises extra-curricular workshops.


Download our leaflet for more details