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At REDES, Welfare to work for young people - News 1

The "Welfare to work for young people" project, promoted by the Technical Vocational Training School in Ciudad Sandino, near Managua in Nicaragua, has been run in the Nueva Vida District on the outskirts of the city, completely uninhabited after the cyclone that devastated Managua in 1998. It is currently a very poor, marginalised area.

The project will last 10 months: from March to December 2015.


It is important to highlight that that the project provides high quality technical training, not only in terms of teaching and skills training but also educates on universal values, as in all the centres of the Company of Our Lady Maria.

We also nurture development among the young people studying in our technical school in order to turn them into cultured, committed people who are capable of improving the social and economic context of the Nueva Vida District.



Completed work


Classes began in January 2015 with a course on Computer Skills for Secretaries, in 2 groups, one in the morning from 8 to 11.30 am and another in the afternoon from 1 to 5.30 pm, from March onwards, with 40 students signed up.

After five months, 6 people had dropped out for economic and family reasons. The young people received a grant that helps provide good quality training and renew material.

The course is split into 7 modules (5 already completed between January and July). To date, the students have mainly been instructed on computerised documentary management and commercial transactions.

In October and November they will carry out a placement lasting at least one month in institutions in Ciudad Sandino: the Hospital, the Roberto Clemente school, the National Police, the José Atigas public school, the Family Ministry, etc. These placements will allow them to complete their study plan.


Out-of-school activities:

They strengthen cohabitation, interest in the environment, belonging to Charity Networks and the Centre that founded the school.

Students have to chance to participate in social activities organised by the Charity Networks implanted in the Nueva Vida District, taking a leadership role in, for example, celebrating the Youth Festival, Women's Day, the Fair, the Health Festival, studies carried out in the District and the publication of the results, the March against Violence and Drugs in addition to different forums and workshops.


The environmental activities run are as follows:

- "Let's clean up and look after our surroundings", in the Technical School, demonstrating the importance of strategically located rubbish bins.
- "Nature and the environment", in order to improve our view of the world, moderating debates in the film-forms.

Young people were also able to participate in activities organised by the Charity Networks:


- 10 young people have organised the Fair on 29th March and 6 are running a food stand.

- All students in the morning classes celebrated World Book Day on 23rd April.  They were invited by the Network Library Friends Circle, made up of Primary school children, enjoying their different presentations on a variety of books.


The young people also took part in the "Promoting community networks in Nueva Vida" project, attending workshops on "identifying problem issues", "SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)", etc.

And to improve the atmosphere among classmates, the students worked together to organise:

- Mother's Day, with poems, plays, flower arranging, etc.
- The Youth Festival, debating in an assembly on topics related to youth, their strengths and their problems, organising sports activities, etc.

The aim of all the activities carried out over this period was to promote setting up training and welfare-to-work programmes in Ciudad Sandino, as a way of boosting opportunities to work in the city which is these young people's main aspiration.