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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

Positive results for 2013

ODNs is becoming a symbol of solidarity and bringing hope for our partners. The donations have enabled to provide significant aid and, more importantly, bring about dialogue which can be seen in each of the individual results of these projects. These relations encourage us to forge ever-increasing fraternal links...
Yes, there have been good results in 2013:
At Mobokoli in Kinshasa (Congo DRC)

Development of Living Areas
- A playground with a volleyball court and football pitch from wasteland adjoining the school buildings
- A library for the teachers in order to help them adapt their lessons to suit their classes.

The work for developing the living areas was financed in 3 instalments with the consent of our partner on the amount of the first instalment: €40 000 for the ground consolidation. After a detailed report of the expenses incurred, we decided to pay half of the remaining amount to be financed: i.e. €15 000. The work is not yet finished, and the last instalment will be paid at the end of March.

We had asked for a report and some photos every fortnight, but this was before we were aware of the irregularity of the internet connections in the Congo! However, we must thank the head teacher of the school, Sr Jeanne-Marie Kasongo, and the project leader in charge of the work, Sr Marie Louise Kahamba, who has constantly attempted to answer our questions as soon as possible.


At the Redes de Solidaridad Nursery and Primary Schools, in Ciudad Sandino (Nicaragua)

Coverage of education fees and canteen costs for the children at the School

On 31st December 2013, an amount of USD 67 465.38 has been sent in several instalments. Funding from Spain has also been received. Sophie and Jean-Marie, like other Spanish volunteers who have given their time and energy onsite, managed, on their return from Nicaragua, to mobilise young people, children and their families, and the parishioners of Saint Didier au Mont d’Or…who were extremely generous in answering requests for funds.

In Nicaragua, the long holidays take place between 24th December and 28th February. When school started up again, the school grants were guaranteed for the whole year. For the canteen which does not receive any financing, your donations have also enabled to cover requirements until December 2014.

The need for support is constant as education is not a priority for the government! We believe that it would be best to continue our efforts by twinning this school with one or two schools in the educational network of the Company of Mary in France…Contacts are currently being established in order to ensure financial support for 2015.



 Work groups in Santa Maria de Fe, Paraguay

 The aims were to improve the production and marketing of the produce  from the community gardens and products from the women’s workshop.

 Relations have developed significantly in particular with the women’s sewing and  embroidery workshop, which is monitored onsite by Maricarmen who leads the  project and completes the orders, and by Sophie in France who ensures orders for  the arts and crafts markets held in the schools involved and who monitors the  quality of the products …
 We know that demanding training sessions for the project leaders and technicians  are required in order to ensure progress, but do they exist onsite? We call upon the  various people involved in these projects without rushing them, in order to maintain  the excellent climate in the work groups.

 Financial aid has been provided in 2 instalments. Hand-written invoices were then  sent to us.

This adventure is exciting even if it is easy to understand the difficulties encountered for our partners in the Congo (DRC), Nicaragua and Paraguay in this first year with ODNs: these difficulties are linked to the impossibility of providing a payment schedule and therefore of progressing in completing projects by respecting a timetable.
This all requires a more professional follow-up.
In addition, we would like this experience to evolve in a reciprocal way, with benefits for donor and donee alike. There is still a lot of work to be completed in order to achieve this!