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News from Paraguay

The work groups in the large gardens have sent a mini-report on their activities and on the creation of a new group. They have also provided a thorough and detailed assessment of the work carried out by those working in the medicinal plant garden.
Work groups in the large gardens
We have purchased and installed an irrigation system in one of the large gardens.

The equipment that needed to be upgraded has been purchased, including sprinklers and garden hoses. As planned, this large garden has been expanded and we are actively continuing the production and sale of its crops.

Tools have been purchased for work groups that needed them.

Take a look at the results for the large garden in San Joaquim:


We continue to provide regular support to the different groups.

A new group has been created in Santa Maria 

The group consists of six women with limited means.

These women want to plant gardens on the land around their houses in order to improve their families’ diets. All six of them, along with their families, would like to join forces and work together in each of the gardens (one day per week). This will be community-based work. The “Working Communities” Association will provide some support for purchasing equipment, but most support will go to buying seeds. It will also provide technical assistance.



Medicinal plant garden in Santa Maria de Fe.


Assessment of the group
  1. This year several new members joined the group (Demetria and Blásida). Innocencia returned to the group after an absence for health reasons.
  2. The work days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in winter and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in summer. Time changes, if necessary, will be decided by the entire group.
  3. The work has been performed as a group. Members arrive on time and carry out their tasks with a sense of responsibility and attention to cleanliness and tidiness.
  4. The group continues to find creative ways to check whether there are low levels of certain plants (seedlings in flower beds, cleanliness, etc.).
  5. When a colleague does not show up for work in the garden, we deduct his/her day of help.
  6. Monthly discussions on practical matters are very helpful to the group and each of its members.
  7. The profits are shared almost every month and a small fund is always kept aside for essential expenses.
  8. All of the members have helped to sell our products.
  9. In 2013, we have tried to overcome the small difficulties that we encountered, but with the help of God and by putting our faith in the Lord, we can do anything. The Sister’s advice and ideas have also helped us to move this mini-enterprise forward, which is extremely important for our families’ health and for our community’s economy as we await a better future.

How can we continue to improve our work?


                                                       The 11 members of the medicinal plants work group in Santa Maria de Fe


Several members of the medicinal plants group. The group manager, Don Pino, is on the right.                                                     

  1. The work hours can be modified by a group decision. All members must be present so that everyone is aware of the changes.
  2. . Strengthen our work, be more creative, plant seedlings in flower beds with more care and determination.
    Greenhouse plants and garden work: the monthly schedule of work days is important. We need to be able to see where there are low levels of certain plants, create plots, apply fertiliser, re-plant and re-pot.
    All those who are willing and able must work in the garden, with the exception of the elderly and people with health problems.
  3. . Pay attention to cleanliness and tidiness: start to use aprons and headwear again, make sure that we have short fingernails to avoid contaminating the produce. People with a cold or the flu must not come to work.
  4. It is important that the members give their opinion during the discussions and during meetings so that they can say whether they agree with the decisions made and avoid trying to change these decisions at a later date.