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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

Haïtí, a new presence after the hurricane - News 1

A young Haitian on the way to school opens up....

---the truth is we are the most underprivileged children. Every morning, to get to school we have to get up before dawn, to get ready, because for the majority of us school is far away.

Our parents don’t have the money for us to take a taxi every day, so we have to walk.

But we are always content and proud, because we know what we want and what we aim for. Along the way, we meet up with other classmates.  We are happy and fool around so the walk is quicker.

Sometimes it makes me sad to see children just less than four years of age struggling along the stony path.  Children who, like us older ones, have to overcome difficult obstacles to get to school. From D’Osmond to Bédou, we travel about two and a half kilometres. When we reach Mont Coucou we get very anxious thinking of the steep hills that lie ahead. But it is worse for the ones who live in Savane-Longue and Baja. Before the sun comes up, they have to go through the cold wet grass when it is still dark.  Some people might ask: why don’t they go to a school that is nearer? Going to the school in Bedou, that of San Ignacio de Loyola, means sacrificing yourself in order to triumph.

We are not the only ones who suffer these situations; it is the same for our teachers. But they never lose hope, they also make sacrifices to come to work and commit themselves body and soul to us, their students.

Our parents benefit from the advantages offered by the “Fe y Alegria” schools. They want us to be well-educated and to go to a good quality school.   A school that helps us assume our responsibilities, to develop our talents and which enables children like us, rejected by society, to achieve their goals.

In addition, there is no choice. We have to go to school because you know that “to be successful in life first you have to suffer”.

Even though school is not easy, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. We have to be prepared to make sacrifices, out of respect for the efforts of our parents. Therefore, we should study, work and be able to reap what is sown.

Wallax ABEL
Student of NS2 (secondary) of San Ignacio de Loyola in Haiti.