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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

Fundations received in 2017

Here is the balance of donations received in 2017...




with a huge effort to help the new school St Ignace de Loyola in Bedou, Haiti.

Thank you to all the children in French schools in the Compagny of  Mary Our Lady network who participated generously with a charity cross-country race and their equally generous sponsors.

These donations go towards scholarships to pay for poor students’ schooling.

Once a month, the scholarship families get together to pick peanuts and then sell them to improve class materials. One mother of a scholarship holder is handicapped so her son, helped by 2 friends, goes to the fields with the other families: in August they harvested 175 large bowls of peanuts!!