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  • How do we feel when we see the drawing?


    Do we look at it? What does it make us want to do? Do we feel close to these children? Both of them? Or do we give one of them priority? What can we tell them?

Donations in 2012-2013 and beyond...

With your donations, some 50 children in Nueva Vida are now attending the Las Redes School, support has been provided for the community gardens in Santa Maria de Fe and a new group is being created.
As of 21 June, you have donated €34,150.

These donations have been allocated as follows :

  • €12,733 for the creation of living spaces in the Mobokoli School in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • €7,709 to help those working in the gardens of Santa Maria de Fe (Paraguay) and to improve the diets of children.
  • €13,708 for tuition fees and lunches for 50 children at the Las Redes School in Nueva Vida near Managua, Nicaragua

We have been able to send these donations, but we have not collected enough funds to improve facilities for the children at the Mobokoli School in Kinshasa. They still need a playground, a schoolyard and a library.

You can read the latest project news at , if you can read Spanish, check out the “blog de las redes de solidaridad” to learn more about this association and its volunteer-run summer activities.


We are waiting patiently and hopefully in Kinshasa for funding to improve teaching and recreational conditions for the pupils who are currently on holiday.

At the start of the school year, we will continue our fundraising campaign to support these projects. The new projects will be posted on the website at the end of January as part of the 2014 Education for Solidarity Campaign.

THANK YOU everyone for your very generous response to the ODNS’ requests for donations. Yes, even in our darkest moments, there is a fire that never dies!
On behalf of all those looking for a helping hand—THANK YOU!