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8 December 2014 in Saint Sorlin en Bugey, France, with students from the secondary school

Candles are lit in Saint Sorlin as a symbol of Christmas, which is quickly approaching. The end of the tax year is also quickly approaching: now is the time to close out budgets and choose our charitable contributions for the end of the year, bearing in mind that this is a way to consciously choose how to allocate our tax money in a spirit of solidarity. We are counting on each of you for your help: we are grateful for it.


Students in their final year of studies at the agricultural secondary school in Saint Sorlin en Bugey, France, took the time on 8 December to raise awareness of the solidarity initiatives supported by ODNs among visitors admiring the candlelight display.

Alongside the school's resident students, they lit nearly 2,000 candles in the courtyard of the castle, along the path leading up the mountainside and around the Areymont wash-house.

What a beautiful sight to behold!


"This is an exercise in communication as well as organisation and management', explained Sarah and Daphné to a journalist from the newspaper Le Progrès on Sunday 7 December 2014.

Handcrafted items made by women at the sewing shop in Santa Maria de Fe, Paraguay were available for sale at the ODNs booth. Craft activities were available to provide children with a nice break from the evening's activities. The young men and women in charge of the booth responded tirelessly to all the questions from visitors.

All in all, it was a wonderful evening!

These teenagers demonstrated their commitment to fighting poverty. And what about us adults? Can we do more?