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5th year primary, rallying in June in Marsella...

Their jumble sale was a great success! A cheque for €468 was presented to ODNS!

The encounter with 6 of them and 3 of the persons-in-charge, held on 17 June 2017, was marvellous:

We all shared in the happiness of sharing, remembering that everything that is not given, is lost.  The students brought folios filled with little hearts of all colours and reflections and messages from other classmates, for example:

- "We are not always aware of how lucky we are and for this reason you have to be brave to help others; IT'S GREAT! (Mathilde) »

- "Hello, Madam; I helped to place the objects but not to sell. But I participated because there are poor people and they were very much in my thoughts" (Eve).

- "It was a very happy occasion because we demonstrated our solidarity helping the people of Mulo". (Lena)

- "I love helping CMNS because it's a pleasure to help people in need.  And there was a great atmosphere at the jumble sale" (Thibault).

-   "It was great because all the time I was thinking about the children at school in Mulo". ¿?

- "If we can contribute by schooling other people, it is very uplifting, and also it was great fun setting up the jumble sale" (Juliette)

- "I just loved this solidarity event because it is very satisfying to be able to help people who don't have enough resources to be properly schooled". (Pauline)



Then, I gave the group an African statue of Mary.  It was very moving! It's important that all the 5th year primary students can see it.  We all agree on this. 

Why not in the corridor, in an alcove? And underneath you could put the request that Aristote (11 years old) made in Mulo during the visit of Rita Calvo, Mother Superior of the Company of Mary Our Lady: «I don't have a question, but a request: pray for us, pray for our people”. (See the news in the home page of the website).

Aristote and all your friends, you have friends in Marsella who think of you a lot, especially before Our Lady!



THANKS to all the 5th year primary students in Chevreul Blancarde (2016-17) for your generosity, for your contagious happiness.

And thank you to your teachers, Mr. Limongi, Mrs. Richelme and Mrs. Lepargneus, for their commitment to open and supportive education!

Happy summer to you all, filled with discoveries about a much more interesting world when it is supportive.

Marie-Chantal Duvault